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VeganMoFo Time Again

Has it been a year already? Well, 11 months - it's in October instead of November this year.

The official RSS site is back on BlogLines, and this year there's over 200 participants.

Someone also set up the Google RSS Reader to gather up all the posts, too:

Go to Google Reader:  http://www.google.com/reader/
Username:  veganmofo@gmail.com
Password:  theppk.com

and the official Flickr site is still going strong, too, so you can see photos of the food and the people.

Remember, not every recipe posted to VeganMoFo will be McDougall-legal, but everything will be vegan. Many recipes can be easily McDougallized by sautéeing in water or broth, or whatever liquid you prefer, instead of the oil or Earth Balance usually used, and in some cases, skipped entirely. You can substitute some whole wheat flour for any or all all-purpose called for in baking recipes, too. And if you have a problem McDougallizing any particular recipe, just post it to the official McDougall forums or one of the McDougall groups on Yahoogroups (regular or weight loss group), or right here on this blog and I'm sure someone will give it a try.